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Arı Delight, which was founded in 1978 by Hüseyin Karaoğlan, has improved its products considering all our customers and friends’ enjoys and has reached its original formula today. We have never given up hygiene, health and taste for 38 years and gone on working as a professional institution. It has also started to work for being a world company.

Arı Delight has been doing some laboratory works in order to get some new kinds of delights and also improve the taste of the delight. We have combined qualified raw material, well- qualified work performance, special production Formula and modern technology together with computer control system and we have reached only one point, which is ‘Turkish Delight, there is no other’.

Turkish Delight

Hundreds of years of history that Turkish Delight was an indispensable part of the Ottoman's palace kitchen, but the history of this World famous flavor is actually based on very old time. The real Delight, which is one of World history's most important civilizations of the Persian Empire BC 226 to 652 years between the Sassanids, who led his favorite dessert is "The Abhis''. In the Ottoman times we called that '' feel the relax in your throat '' with in the begining of today's Turkish language. But later on we used to call that Comfortable Delight and now is calling only Turkish Delight .

Turkish Delight in Anatolia began to be known since the 15th century and gained popularity especially in the Ottoman Empire from the 17th century. Turkish Delight is started to getting popularity in Europe with an itinerant British man taking the delight to England with the name call of "Turkish Delight" (Turkish Flavor) is based on the introduction of the 18th century...


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